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March 1, 2024


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Lots of cleanup throughout the app and more progress on content and tables.

  • New configuration of Omni permissions via SCIM, so that user management can be deferred to the authentication provider and absorbed by Omni dynamically
  • Always brushing up the little things - now jump to definition in the IDE properly scrolls to the desired location. Also introducing field search in the front-end join modal for faster table mapping.
  • Better handling of connection testing and refreshing to make sure we're sharing better warnings and clear notes on the dbt connection as well.
  • With the introduction of folder permissions alongside content permissions, users can receive access to dashboards in a variety of ways. This work simplifies the understand of who can see what and makes it clear whether folders or dashboard-specific permissions are enabling a given user.
  • Continued work to make the table experience first-class. The introduction of controls for showing row numbers, alignment of text (left, right, center), and some early exploration into a more scalable, faster rendering framework.
  • The introduction of percentile measures for when median isn't good enough.
  • Some UX polish to make it clear when editing whether content is scheduled out, avoiding any unexpected impact

SCIM User Management

Connection Refresh Error Improvements, Including dbt

Simpler Dashboard Permissions

Better Tables - Alignment, Row Numbers, Canvas Testing


Live Schedules UX