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December 22, 2023


Demos highlight what we are working on or experimenting with, but are not a guarantee of release. We love feedback - let us know your thoughts at

With a quiet week next week, this is our last set of demos before the New Year. Enjoy!

  • A demo of our embedded site, a reporting service for a ecommerce retailer sharing data with their suppliers
  • More early look at content permissions, mirroring the simplicity of Google Drive for every dashboard or workbook; a demo of audit logs on the content permissions; and a quick look at filtering on topics in all views and fields
  • The launch of extends: in the data model, improving code reusability and model depth
  • Continued work on spreadsheet functions, now with full keyboard support during formula construction so you don't need to bail out to the mouse building post-processing calculations
  • More work on the permissions experience, including clear traceability at how a diverse set of permissions resolve for a given user plus a look at permission groups
  • A glow up for the website plus big improvements to visualization docs
  • Improvements to conditional formatting for layered rules

Embedded Demo

Content Permissions


Spreadsheet Functions (Keyboard Nav)

Permission Groups + Permissions UX Polish + Visualization Docs

Conditional Format Chained Rules