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February 23, 2024


Demos highlight what we are working on or experimenting with, but are not a guarantee of release. We love feedback - let us know your thoughts at

Somehow another monster week. A nine-pack of demos this week from ranging from ridiculously fast embedded dashboards and reloads to model history, spreadsheet formula pushdown, and instant period-over-period.

  • Ridiculously fast embedded dashboard tabbing. Why doesn't all embedded content work this way?
  • Seamless dashboard refreshing - no more blank pages, we'll keep the visualizations nicely in place as we reload underneath. Plus some bonus work on creating filters with the full field picker.
  • Instant period-over-period builders - now you can dodge building calcs for simple offsets; lots more to develop on these. Plenty of conversation on future work.
  • Better model history - now you can view shared model changes alongside workbook model changes for a complete understanding of the changes to a given model. Additionally you can now explicit compare across two versions to understand a bunch of changes at once.
  • The launch of spreadsheet calculation pushdown. Now any of your one-off IF statements or CONCATs can be one-off no more. Optional pushdown for relevant spreadsheet work. Everyone can model now!
  • Dynamic field names - when fields get attached to templated filters, naming can get messy. Now they can be wired together to make the experience feel more composed.
  • Some in-progress work on table layout controls - fixed width columns and width controls
  • More polish on the slowly-rolling-out content organization experience - explaining permissions across folders and individual items
  • A quick demo of CalcsAI for mapping states to timezones - magical!

Ridiculously Fast Embedded Dashboards

Seamless Dashboard Refreshing + Bonus Filter Wiring


Better Model History

Spreadsheet Calculation Pushdown

Dynamic Field Names (Linked to Filters)

Table Layouts (Column Widths)

Content Organization

CalcsAI Timezone Function