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Saved Views

Saved views allow for quickly building and joining in subqueries. Let's walk through an example.

Start by building a query, in this case we'll build up a table about user facts that consists of user_id, first_order_date, lifetime_orders, and lifetime_revenue.

Next, select the 'Model > Save Query as View' in the menu and give the view a name. In this case, we've named it user_order_facts.

Once a view is saved, it will appear as a new view in the field picker. It can be joined in to any other tables by right clicking the view name and adding a join path.

This view can be queried just as any other view in the database, see how it gets written as a subquery in the SQL here:

The saved view is now available on any tab within the workbook. It can also be promoted to the Shared Model by selecting the Promote from the workbook changes menu.