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Connect to MotherDuck.

Note: Omni supports MotherDuck Version 10.2+

Creating the connection in Omni

  1. Login to your MotherDuck account.
  1. Copy the name of the database that you want to connect to in Omni. a. Navigate to the vertical three-dot menu, next to the database’s name and select Copy name
  1. In Omni, navigate to the Admin tab (top-right as an Admin user) > Connections (lower-left in left menu) > Add Connection (top-right) > Select MotherDuck.

Use this image to follow along with the next steps:

  • 3.1. Display Name is a required field. This name will appear will appear in the Omni Connections list.

  • 3.2 Database is a required field. This should reference the default database (catalog) in MotherDuck that Omni will connect to. Paste the database name value copied from step 2.

  • 3.3. Include Other Catalogs is an optional field. If you want to include multiple catalogs though, simply copy those catalogs’s names into a comma-separated list in this field.

  • 3.4. Include Schemas is an optional field that allows you to limit which schemas to allow Omni to access.

    • 3.4.1. List the schemas you want included

    • 3.4.2. If none are listed, Omni will be able to access all schemas within the listed database(s).

    • 3.4.3. If you included a secondary catalog in step 3.3, be sure to reference the secondary catalog and the schema separated by a period, e.g. other_catalog.schema.

  • 3.5 Token is a required field.

    • 3.5.1. Navigate back to your MotherDuck settings.

    • 3.5.2. Select the Copy Token button.

    • 3.5.3. Navigate back to the database connection page in Omni.

    • 3.5.4. Paste the token you just copied.

  1. Select “Create Connection” and voila! You can see your new connection in action by heading over to the “Make a workbook” or “Browse Model” options in the “Woo hoo!” success modal in the top right.