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Connecting to ClickHouse

Retrieve the HTTPS Connection Credentials

Gather the HTTPS hostname, username and password from the Connection page in ClickHouse. You can get there by navigating to <Your_Warehouse_Name> details > Connect > View connection strings > HTTPS.

To connect to ClickHouse with HTTP(S) you need this information:

  • The HOST and PORT: typically, the port is 8443 when using TLS or 8123 when not using TLS.

  • The USERNAME and PASSWORD: out of the box, the username is default. Use the username appropriate for your use case.

Creating the connection in Omni

  • Display Name: <CONNECTION_NAME>
  • Host: <YOUR_HOSTNAME> (from previous step)
  • Port: <YOUR_PORT> (from previous step)
  • User: <YOUR_USERNAME> (from previous step)
  • Password: <YOUR_PASSWORD> (from previous step)