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Active Directory

Omni supports SP-initiated SAML authentication with Microsoft Active Directory and other SAML 2.0-compatible identity providers. To setup Active Directory, follow these instructions:

  • In the Microsoft Entra admin panel, navigate to Applications > Enterprise Applications.
  • Create a new application and then click Create your own application.
  • Name the app Omni, select the radio button for "Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery)", and press Create.
  • After the app is created, navigate to the Single sign-on configuration section.
  • Select the SAML sign-on method.
  • Edit the Basic SAML Configuration:
    • Set the Identifier (Entity ID) to the full hostname of your Omni instance - e.g.
    • Set the Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) to the value of the Single sign-on URL from the Omni Authentication settings page
  • Edit the Attributes & Claims:
    • Edit the Unique User Identifier (Name ID) claim:
      • Name identifier format: Email address
      • Source: Attribute
      • Source attribute: user.mail
        • Note: if you use a different attribute for user email address, use that instead.
    • You should have two Additional claims (remove others that are populated by default):
      • Name: first_name, Namespace: (blank), Source: Attribute, Source attribute: user.givenname
      • Name: last_name, Namespace: (blank), Source: Attribute, Source attribute: user.surname
  • Download the Certificate (Base64) from Step 3 and make note of the Login URL and Microsoft Entra ID Identifier values from Step 4
  • Note: the Test button in Microsoft Entra will not work, even the SAML integration is properly configured.
  • In the Omni authentication settings form:
    • Copy the Login URL value from the step above into the SSO (Sign on) URL form input