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November 3, 2023


Demos highlight what we are working on or experimenting with, but are not a guarantee of release. We love feedback - let us know your thoughts at

Below you'll see

  • A quick demo of what the dynamic embedding in Omni opens up. Here we show an embedded Google Sheet for end-user input on dashboards. The results are auto-pushed to BQ and joined in to other queries dynamically.
  • Fresh controls for transposing tables, or even just transposing metrics independently. All of the goodness around calculations and charting comes along with the new measure controls.
  • More refinement of the Excel/Sheets syntax. Dynamic column naming and formatting, easier empty calculation columns, and more elegant loading of results on only changed functions.
  • Lots of improvement to retain changes to the visualization configuration while adapting to dynamic querying and exploration.
  • Some clean up of the KPIs with value formatting
  • Live exploration of early calculation function usage, plus a demo of the calculation UX live doing some string parsing.
  • New model configuration for dynamic schema handling (ie a single model that can be configured to different schemas for each user)
  • The launch of timezone configuration in Omni at the query and database level.

Google Sheets Embedding

Transpose and Measures on Rows

Calculations Refinement


Timezone Configuration

Dynamic Schema


Exploring Calculation Usage

Dynamic IP Allowlists